Sunday, April 4, 2010

So Maybe a Little Bit Dead . . .

This pregnancy has been difficult so far. I thought I was sick with Wesley--which I was--but this little one has really given me a fun time so far. Fun as in going to the emergency room after not being able to drink for two days fun. Not fun: nurses trying to insert an IV into veins that keep collapsing because you are dehydrated. And this was WITH zofran. Oi vey.

So I think we have finally found a combo of drugs that keeps me alive and out of the hospital. The only downside is, that when it gets bad I'm so sedated I totally miss my family by being in bed knocked out for days at a time. Luckily I haven't had to do that too often, and Zofran does help most of the time.

So there's my "doctor's note" for being an absentee blogger. I thought that while I was not throwing up I would post a few pictures of Wesley, and update you on what our little guy is up to these days.

Favorite toy: Noah's arc. He can play with those animals and that arc for hours.

Favorite book: Goodnight Gorilla. He knows his animals and loves to point them all out.

Favorite animal: His little monkey that we gave him in the hospital. He has to sleep with that monkey, and bring it out of the crib with him in the morning.

Favorite activity: Anything outside. He is an outside boy, and loves to go exploring. He likes to pick flowers, but doesn't like sticks on the path. Oh, and he likes ladybugs.

Favorite outfit: Anything with his cowboy hat.

We have really been blessed with this little guy. He has such a gentle spirit, loving and sweet. He gives the best cuddles and hugs. He is so obedient, and has recently started learning right and wrong. He likes to go up to something that is a "no-no" and point to it and then shake his head with a big grin on his face like, "I know I'm not supposed to do that!" He hasn't started to push boundaries yet (I know it's coming) but is getting more and more independent each day. He loves to play with his daddy, especially building legos and taking them apart. Recently he discovered Go-Gurt, and is a huge fan. But he is a picky little bird. He won't eat regular yogurt from the container, or spagettios if they aren't a certain brand. He'll eat pretty much all fruit, likes cheese, but from day to day it's anyone's gamble what else he'll acquiesce to eat. He is so easy right now--which is a blessing since I have been feeling so rotten. We are having so much fun having this little guy as our friend. We love hanging out as a family and playing when mommy feels up to it, or going on a drive somewhere together. We love to see him experiencing the world--he just eats it up. I think we are pretty in love with our little Wesley. What do you think?