Saturday, December 21, 2013

October 2013

Happy October everyone!
Look at this little ham. Seriously, turn on the camera, and he starts posing. Funny guy.

My parents were awesome and let us sleep at their house the week prior to our move. As much fun as boxes are, it was great to have the boys away from the temptation of undoing all my work! So Halloween was a big party for us, a reason to take a little break from the packing and have fun together. 

Wesley making some yummy dipped marshmallows with Grandma. 

More smiles! 
Freddie decided to use the stuffed animal basket like a doggie bed. He's kind of a puppy so it works, haha!

Laundry baskets are somehow the best toy. They become so many things!

Love this picture of him reading in my old doll cradle.

I'm so glad they like books!

Bucket head!

Helping papa on the computer!

Grandma has the magic touch!

Cute pumpkins!

He found a fun little clubhouse under the table!

I love those dimples!

Annual trip to find horse chestnuts.

Reaching the high ones!

One of the local nurseries had a kids activity where they were given bulbs to plant.

Those eyes.

Finished product!

We made bald eagle cookies :o)

Freddie's work!

Wesley's creation

We made time to go to a pumpkin patch. The wheelbarrow rides are always a hit.

Looking for that perfect one.

I'm pretty sure this was the aftermath of him tripping for the nth time over the pumpkin vines. He's not our careful one!

Our cute littlest pumpkin

My boys!

Love that smile. He brings so much joy wherever he goes.

Happy six months to Timothy! It has gone by so fast. He got his first taste of rice cereal. Yum! He was a big fan.

The boys blowing out the candle for Timothy. No, Timothy did not get a cupcake. Yes, the rest of us did. Hey, any excuse for a cupcake!

My mom fulfilled Wesley's greatest wish, and made him his very own captain America costume. Freddie got one too. They turned out amazing! She is ridiculously talented.

Hanging out on the tablets. Even superheroes need a break.


Ready for Action!

More than a handful. I've got an armful! 


Our church had a Halloween party and trunk or treat the night before Halloween. It was a lot of fun!

Our kitchen full of boxes. This was just the beginning.

Tough being so cute.

Halloween night we just went around my parent's neighborhood to trick or treat. This was the first year that Wesley was not too shy to say the words, and the Freddie had the vocabulary to really do it himself. Obviously they had a blast! Free candy, dressed up like Captain America. Kid Heaven.

In spite of some constipation issues from the rice cereal, he still managed to have a happy night! 

Cake pops!

Before I left, I had the girls over for one last hurrah. We did a favorite things party, and it was really fun. I made everything for a "high tea." Cucumber sandwiches, crumpets, cheese and crackers, fruit, and a hot chocolate bar.

Wesley's artwork. 

Brothers hanging out!

And last but not least, I can't get over this kid's morning hair. Totally fits.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

September 2013

Timothy finally got big enough that it was easier to put him in the stroller rather than wear him for walks. Plus the stroller makes a good prison for an active Fredrick, haha.

Wesley and his little froggy friend he found on our walk.

A couple of cool dudes. Love Fred's sideways hat.

At the Portland temple. Grandma and Papa were kind enough to babysit so mommy and daddy could have a date.

You have to admit, this kid's got style.

Helping Papa in the shop.

I love that his favorite thing is to be a helper. On tasks that are fun for him of course!

Matchy matchy.

We were flooded out of our apartment for a week of September, and my parents were kind enough to take us in. The kids were in heaven living at Grandma's house! Here they are playing some kind of train/car/spaceship/Idon'tremember game. Love the expressions.

Someone in much too much of a hurry to grow up.

Snuggling on grandma's bed, playing on tablets. 

The best part of getting ready for a move for a kid is the boxes to play in!

Wesley helping papa in the yard, wearing Grandma's shoes, his pajama shirt on backwards. Like I said, style.

I have no idea where these boys come up with their games. Or even what this game was. Looks fun tho!

Seriously always happy.

Fredrick celebrated his third birthday (we made it through the terrible twos . . . I'm not sure who deserved the medal, him or us!). We had an angry birds party (our boys tend to latch on to whatever craze Joe and Mandy's boys are going through  . . . ). Considering the craziness of our life at the time, this was the best I could come up with for a party.

The boys love to help papa make fresh apple pies. The best part is running the apple peeler/slicer machine!

I'm three!

My funky angry bird cake

He so wants to catch up to his older brother Wesley, who he adores.

Timothy happy to party too! Not even a lack of cake could dampen his spirits.

Angry bird bingo!

Fredrick, we love you so much. You challenge us in unique ways, but your energetic and dramatic spirit brings so much life into our family, we wouldn't trade you for anything. You are the perfect outgoing friend that Wesley needed, you keep me on my toes, and you are full of life and spirit. You have the sweetest heart, and I love your snuggles. You are a smart little fellow, and I can't wait to see the kind of guy you grow into. We are so blessed to have you in our family!