Thursday, March 22, 2012

Happy Half Birthday Fredrick!

Here is my official nursery boy. My calling is in the nursery, so he has actually been attending since last September. He's a pro. Although he does have a tendency to swipe other kids' snacks.

This little guy loves Thomas the train, so he was excited for his new ball. Tellin' Papa all about it.

My mom made this GORGEOUS quilt for Fredrick. Zoom in on it, it is amazing. She designed it herself. She's pretty much a pro :)

My sweet boy with the most kissable cheeks.

He was funny with the presents. He still hasn't quite caught the vision. He kept wandering off after getting bored trying to unwrap them.

After some pizza and cupcakes, the boys decided to play trains. Fredrick got a new Tomas and Friends train aptly called "Freddy." I have the cutest little engineers!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Part II

We had fun today. After LeGrand got done taking his last final (Yay!!) we bundled up again and went to the park to play in this crazy March snow.

We built a snow person

Fredrick was a little unsure about all this. He was also very tired as he was late for his nap. But I loved how cute and chubby and bundled he looks. And the monkey hat is hilarious.

We even did a little sledding.

Fredrick was hilarious about the sledding. He loved going down the hill. He would laugh with abandon and glee going down. He did not like getting pulled back up the hill though. We couldn't help taking a video of how funny he was about it. Don't think we are too mean, I picked him up right after :)

Snow Babies

We woke up to a couple inches of snow today (just in time for LeGrand to drive to Monmouth to take his last final). The boys and I took a fun walk in the snow. I was so thankful to have my awesome wellies--I stayed perfectly dry. There was much protesting when it was time to come inside. This March has had the craziest weather I can remember!

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