Monday, April 27, 2009

Two Very Good Excuses (or at least I think so . . . )

So I have been absent from blogging the last couple of weeks, and it hasn't just been a bout of laziness/business/the fact that Wes isn't sleeping through the night anymore . . . (how many growth spurts can this little guy have? I really am just a milk machine these days . . . ) Anyway, my first excuse is--well--technical.

So my trusty old laptop was having . . . issues. I work from home as a freelance writer, so you can imagine my frustration when I was losing pages of work. So after one particularly frustrating day, the decision was made to get a new one. I hate making big purchases, especially when I don't have a lot of time to shop around. But with my dad's help, I think I made an okay decision. Life has been much easier with the new computer.

My second excuse is, Family!! The best kind of excuse. My parents came to visit Wesley us, and we had so much fun.

Grandpa and his boy!

Grandma time!

Taking walks together.

Reading together!

And just having so much fun we got all tired out!

We miss you guys. Come back and visit us soon!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Boy

I have been rather absent to the blog world this past week. My spring allergies hit with a vengeance, and my energy didn't really extend beyond caring for baby and husband and keeping up with my house. But this little guy keeps growing and changing, and I have to keep the grandmother contingency satisfied until they can come visit in a couple of weeks.

We took Wes for a walk down in Provo to see if there were any baby ducks yet. Every spring when the baby ducks arrive I have to go down to the duck pond, because baby ducks are pretty much my favorite thing. Other than my family :o). Anyway, Wes loved the walk--he was fascinated by the trees and the light and all the moving things going by. Luckily he was too young to really pay attention to the ducks, who were doing UNSPEAKABLE things. Really. I guess there will be baby ducks in a few weeks. We'll have to go back then.

We took Wes for another walk--no ducks this time--just to the park around the hospital near our house. This time we brought Che for a little fresh air. It was a beautiful sunny day, and both our little ones had a good time . . .

. . . until Wes had had enough, and it was time to go home . . .

We were lucky enough to get a visit from his cousin Brady and Aunt Mandy. These little guys are only five weeks apart (if Wes would have come on time it would have been a week). We are pretty sure these little monkeys are going to have a lot of fun together when they get a little older--let's hope they aren't as rambunctious as their daddies!

Spring really came to town yesterday with 70+ degree weather. So we had to put Wes in his little baseball cap. I think he's pretty cute! (Thanks Aunt Mandi and Aunt Karen!)

And of course I needed to include a picture of my little sleeping angel with his book. Maybe he takes after his mommy? :o)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My Baby's Growing Up

The other day I realized that some of Wesley's pajamas were getting a little short . . . so I pulled out his six month clothes . . . and they fit. I didn't realize how fast my little guy was growing up! He loves to sit in the kitchen with me while I do the dishes or cook. He coos and laughs at me while I work.

Here he is in his little train overalls. So cute! Yes, I know he's my baby, but still . . .

For the most part he's pretty good about sleeping through the night. If he's not too sleepy after eating, he likes to have stories and be rocked before going to bed.

I really think I have the cutest, sweetest guys in the world. They are quite a pair together. They love to play games, and sing songs, and make Mommy laugh.

Oh, my supermodel baby. Strike that pose!