Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My Baby's Growing Up

The other day I realized that some of Wesley's pajamas were getting a little short . . . so I pulled out his six month clothes . . . and they fit. I didn't realize how fast my little guy was growing up! He loves to sit in the kitchen with me while I do the dishes or cook. He coos and laughs at me while I work.

Here he is in his little train overalls. So cute! Yes, I know he's my baby, but still . . .

For the most part he's pretty good about sleeping through the night. If he's not too sleepy after eating, he likes to have stories and be rocked before going to bed.

I really think I have the cutest, sweetest guys in the world. They are quite a pair together. They love to play games, and sing songs, and make Mommy laugh.

Oh, my supermodel baby. Strike that pose!
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