Thursday, June 20, 2013

Timothy's Blessing

We were surprised by so much family who made room in their busy schedules to drive down or fly over for Timothy's blessing. It really meant a lot to us to be surrounded by family at this special time. Having little hooligans of our own, we know it is no simple task to take kids anywhere--let alone on a 3 1/2- 5 hour car drive--so it meant all the more.

We were really excited to meet cute little Ellie, the next youngest cousin. She is a doll, and absolute sweetie, and I didn't want to give her back to go home.  Wesley thought she was pretty fun. I loved how Fredrick called her, "Babie Owie."

There were so many little boys running around, so fun. Our boys were in heaven! Wesley was in tears when his fun cousins had to leave. Here they all are, Saturday night, eating out on the grass. Sam's face is the absolute best in this picture.

Uncle Joe with his namesake. Timothy promptly fell fast asleep, Joe has the touch! I love Timothy's little frog feet poking out of the blanket.

My mom's sister was able to fly out with my Grandma from Denver for the weekend. It was so nice to see her, and wonderful that she brought my grandma who didn't want to travel alone. My grandma stayed for a week and a half after, and it was so nice to have her here for a visit.

Grandma Johnson and baby Timothy

We tortured the family with some pictures. Host prerogative I suppose.

Wesley had to photobomb this, he didn't want to let Molly out of his sight. He really loves his cousin Molly.

Molly was a really good sport about her little admirer following her around.

Typical Fred!

I couldn't resist posting this one of the Chantry clan, Ikey was so cute and funny. He and Fredrick are quite a pair together! Little wily rascals both of them.


Timothy was such a good baby during the blessing--just a mellow little guy. We really hit the jackpot on cuteness and disposition.

Now, it really is a shame that we didn't catch Joe doing his typical "picture face." He and LeGrand are really two of a pair. And Mandy and I wonder where our boys get their silly from . . .

We had to strike a similar pose to when we were pregnant at the same time . . . now feeling much better with the babies in our arms! I love this girl, she is a great sister.

My grandma. Thank you so much for making the trip. Love you so much.

Per usual, I was up to about one AM sewing together Timothy's blessing outfit. The pieces had been knitted for months, I just really hate sewing the seams together. It is tedious, eye-straining work.Yeah. I should have been more on top of things.

We were lucky that we had the blessing when we did, because as it was, he was straining the seams of his outfit. When we got around to doing these portraits, we couldn't button a few of the buttons. He's a healthy little fellow!

My mom knitted this gorgeous blessing blanket, and Great-Grandma Leora Johnson crocheted the booties. They fit perfectly and were so special. Grandma, you were thought of often!


This picture pretty much sums up what I remember about May. That is to say, I don't really remember a lot. 

The weather was unseasonably beautiful, and although it really hurt to walk, we still managed to go to the park for some picnics because it really was just too pretty to be inside.

I think this was my and baby's first trip anywhere. Love the Moby wrap by the way, I use it a TON and wish I'd had it for my other babies. Especially Wesley, who I think would have really liked it.

The boys continued their superhero phase. Grandma Johnson surprised them with some fun Superman gear, which has been in high use around here ever since.

Little Timothy continued to grow in cuteness, if that is even possible. Love his little dress shirt and tie he wears to church--hilarious. This sweater is the last thing I made for him before he was born . . . I think I actually sewed the buttons on the night I went into labor.

Hide and seek is the new fun game. Here Fredrick is being tricky in the (clean) laundry. Well, it was clean anyway . . . 

I bet you can't spot Wesley . . . 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

April photo-dump

I raided LeGrand's instant upload from his phone to post additional pics from April. Here we are in the operating room. Thank goodness for anesthesia and the happy curtain, or our faces would not be so sanguine.

They had a heck of a time pulling that guy out of me. I was actually worried that the surgeon assisting my OB was going to break my ribs, there were some worrisome cracking sounds.

Skin to skin time while they sewed me up. Heaven. He was a strong little fellow from the get-go, holding his head up on my chest.

All swaddled and sweet.

Proud Papa.

Getting some grandma time.

Sweet oldest brother!

These boys are going to have so much fun together.

Another grandma! Such an embarrassment of riches.

These boys loved having her here. I think they were busy watching Peter and the Wolf (or as Wesley likes to call it, Peter and the Bonk due to the Russian spelling of wolf). He loves to sing the melodies.

So precious.

What a super older brother.

Some fun outside while Mommy rested. I forgot how much c-sections hurt! My goodness. And I was told by those closest to me that I handled this recovery significantly better than my other two. Yikes.


This March my dad turned 60. It's funny how boys in this family have come in 30 year increments: My dad in 1953, LeGrand in 1983, and Timothy in 2013. 

These boys sure love reading books with Papa in his chair. 

And helping him blow out the candles. As per tradition, he got angel food cake. This year it was a fancy coconut lime version if I remember correctly . . . very delicious . . . with various berry and cream accompaniments. 

I love when these two play together nicely! It is fun having little boys close enough in age to be pals.

On Wesley's special day each month at Grandma and Papa's house he loves to work in Papa's shop. I think he has the beginning talents of a woodworker in him! One time he helped make a very cute little wooden toy horse. That is still one of his favorite memories.

He pretty much likes helping in whatever you are involved in (unless it is cleaning his room--he is a kid after all)

Bath time is always hilarious. Fredrick is a wild one, and we usually go through quite a few towels just trying to keep everything contained.

Cracking each other up.

Wrinkled fingers.

This picture is just so Fredrick. He is such a smiley, goofy, shiny fellow. All that energy rolled up in his little round body. We sure love our Fredrick--headaches, exhaustion and all. He is one to keep up with!

Wesley came home from our February visit to Washington excited about superheroes. His cousin Brady, who he thinks is one of the coolest friends ever, had lots of superhero toys and costumes, so he was introduced to a whole new world. So we got him some superman pajamas . . . and let's just say I've had to wash them every other day since then. He loves those pajamas.

Somehow I missed getting photos of my Mom's half birthday. I'm going to have to be better about getting photos of grandma--she is always the one behind the camera. Sneaky! Here is Fredrick on his half birthday. We have survived halfway through the Terrible Twos! We were ready to Party!

Wesley was a pretty good sport about Fredrick getting presents.

The boys having fun helping Daddy wash our very dirty car on a cloudy Oregon day.

Having fun playing in the garden.

These two are outdoor boys through and through. I'm so glad--I can't wait until they are old enough to go backpacking in some of my favorite spots. We just have to acclimate Daddy to the outdoors!