Tuesday, June 18, 2013


This March my dad turned 60. It's funny how boys in this family have come in 30 year increments: My dad in 1953, LeGrand in 1983, and Timothy in 2013. 

These boys sure love reading books with Papa in his chair. 

And helping him blow out the candles. As per tradition, he got angel food cake. This year it was a fancy coconut lime version if I remember correctly . . . very delicious . . . with various berry and cream accompaniments. 

I love when these two play together nicely! It is fun having little boys close enough in age to be pals.

On Wesley's special day each month at Grandma and Papa's house he loves to work in Papa's shop. I think he has the beginning talents of a woodworker in him! One time he helped make a very cute little wooden toy horse. That is still one of his favorite memories.

He pretty much likes helping in whatever you are involved in (unless it is cleaning his room--he is a kid after all)

Bath time is always hilarious. Fredrick is a wild one, and we usually go through quite a few towels just trying to keep everything contained.

Cracking each other up.

Wrinkled fingers.

This picture is just so Fredrick. He is such a smiley, goofy, shiny fellow. All that energy rolled up in his little round body. We sure love our Fredrick--headaches, exhaustion and all. He is one to keep up with!

Wesley came home from our February visit to Washington excited about superheroes. His cousin Brady, who he thinks is one of the coolest friends ever, had lots of superhero toys and costumes, so he was introduced to a whole new world. So we got him some superman pajamas . . . and let's just say I've had to wash them every other day since then. He loves those pajamas.

Somehow I missed getting photos of my Mom's half birthday. I'm going to have to be better about getting photos of grandma--she is always the one behind the camera. Sneaky! Here is Fredrick on his half birthday. We have survived halfway through the Terrible Twos! We were ready to Party!

Wesley was a pretty good sport about Fredrick getting presents.

The boys having fun helping Daddy wash our very dirty car on a cloudy Oregon day.

Having fun playing in the garden.

These two are outdoor boys through and through. I'm so glad--I can't wait until they are old enough to go backpacking in some of my favorite spots. We just have to acclimate Daddy to the outdoors!

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