Thursday, June 20, 2013


This picture pretty much sums up what I remember about May. That is to say, I don't really remember a lot. 

The weather was unseasonably beautiful, and although it really hurt to walk, we still managed to go to the park for some picnics because it really was just too pretty to be inside.

I think this was my and baby's first trip anywhere. Love the Moby wrap by the way, I use it a TON and wish I'd had it for my other babies. Especially Wesley, who I think would have really liked it.

The boys continued their superhero phase. Grandma Johnson surprised them with some fun Superman gear, which has been in high use around here ever since.

Little Timothy continued to grow in cuteness, if that is even possible. Love his little dress shirt and tie he wears to church--hilarious. This sweater is the last thing I made for him before he was born . . . I think I actually sewed the buttons on the night I went into labor.

Hide and seek is the new fun game. Here Fredrick is being tricky in the (clean) laundry. Well, it was clean anyway . . . 

I bet you can't spot Wesley . . . 

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