Saturday, June 15, 2013


January was an eventful month for us. My maternal grandpa, who had been ailing for some time, passed away. My parents were able to be there for the few days before he passed and through the funeral. Because I was threatening to drive my pregnant self and two boys over the pass to La Grande for the funeral, my dad lovingly drove the five hours to come pick us up so we were able to attend (LeGrand was unable to attend due to his last semester of school). I will always be indebted to my dad for making that drive for me.

This is my grandma, who I'm named after (my middle name is Joan). I love this lady a lot.

It was a very snowy weekend, but we were blessed with clear roads to and from. There were others who were not so lucky, and storms prevented them from traveling. Wesley was in snow heaven--he had so much fun digging up a "rocky mountain snow snake" (aka a decorative cement worm in the garden) with Papa, and generally being a wiley four year old attacking people with snow balls.

Rosy cheeked boy

Getting Papa!

Uncle Rod even joined in on the snow festivities. It was so good to see him and Aunt Deanne!

Fredrick wasn't feeling so great, and collapsed on Papa.

He later perked up at cousin Sonia's house (thank you so much for hosting us!). My boys were pretty much in love with her.

The funeral and graveside services were lovely. My grandpa Fredrickson served as a belly turret gunner in WWII, and was very proud of his military service. 

The folding of the flag was a really special moment.

We love you Grandpa Fred, and miss you very much. Thank you for the amazing man you were, and for all you gave to our family.

As the month came to a close, we celebrated LeGrand's big 3-0. Wesley was really excited to contribute to the party with a birthday banner.

He also, with Fredrick's help, picked out balloons.

My mom was so great and helped me by making the cake this year. I was still feeling pretty under the weather. It was delish.

Wesley, with Grandma's help, made this really cool race track for his cars. Complete with Cozy Cone motels, a parking lot, and various roads. Love that kid.

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