Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Welcome Timothy Joseph

On the 17th I was feeling really terrible. I always have pre-term labor with my pregnancies, so it is really difficult to tell when I'm in actual labor, aka time to go to the hospital. That day something was just different about how I felt. I was uncomfortable, and when I told my sister in law how I felt, she told me she felt the same way right before she went into labor. I was feeling large and uncomfortable, and what with all the preterm labor, I was ready to be done. Here I am at 35 weeks. All belly!

About four in the morning, my water broke. We were pretty calm this time; the bags were packed, and we just called my parents, and they came over and watched the kids while we went to the hospital. I was attempting a TOLAC (trial of labor after Cesarean), and I knew if my water broke the doctor was giving me about six hours to show progression before I would have to have a repeat C-section. I really, really wanted an all natural labor and delivery, but it wasn't to be. There was meconium in my water that had broken, indicating some previous fetal distress, and on top of that my body just never went into labor. Six hours after my water breaking, and my contractions weren't particularly painful. My OB was amazing about the situation, and very kind about my feelings. But I knew that time was up and what had to be done.

The boys meanwhile were enjoying camping out at Grandma and Papa's house!

Here I am, waiting. I remember texting my sister in law a lot, listening to music, and wishing my contractions were more painful! I've never wished for pain more in my life!

The family came to help me wait, especially when it was pretty clear I'd be going in for surgery. The boys were so cute.

Grandma packed them special big brother bags for the wait. 

My sweet Wesley giving me a cuddle!

And then it was time. This was a totally different experience than my other sections. Wesley, being early, was a bit scary and stressful. Fredrick was planned, but I was unhappy with my clinic, and didn't even know the surgeon who delivered Fred. Those times the baby was held at arms length for a few moments, then whisked away along with LeGrand while I lay on the operating table, being sewn up by strangers for a good half hour.  It is never fun to be separated from your husband and baby in those first moments. This time, my OB was marvelous, and I was able to have skin to skin time with Timothy right off the bat, on the operating table. I was separated only briefly from LeGrand and baby after that so they could clean Timothy up a little, and then we were promptly reunited in recovery. It was that magical bonding I had been craving, and I am so grateful for a fantastic doctor who understood that.

Grandma with Timothy in the recovery room

Proud Grand-Papa!

So happy to have Timothy in my arms at last!

My cute little guy. Poor thing had been just surrounded by meconium when the doctor pulled him out. 

Cuddles from big brother. Wesley wanted to call the baby Wesley as well. We told him that would be confusing. He told us that he would settle for Papadido, cheese pizza, or superman, and Wesley could be the baby's last name. We still settled on Timothy :)

Fredrick is now a big brother! 


This little guy looks so much like Wesley as a baby.

It is hard to tell them apart, other than Timothy has a couple of pounds on Wesley.

I finally got a dark-haired baby!

With lots of it!

Grandma Johnson was able to come down for a couple of days, which was so nice. The boys were over the moon to see her!

Such a sweet baby. He has been so easy going, and a good eater/sleeper. Just ridiculously cute to boot.

The stats!

After three days in the hospital, we were welcomed home in style. I love Wesley's name he wrote himself, and his smiley faces. Fred is always very energetic with colors as well!

We have been so blessed already to have this little spirit in our home. His brothers adore him, and haven't been the least hostile or jealous. He seems to be a mellow little soul, and we are just soaking up the sweet newborn cuddles that always pass by so quickly.

We chose the name Timothy because we thought it fit well with Wesley and Fredrick, and it has a lovely meaning, "honouring God." His middle name Joseph is after his uncle, LeGrand's younger brother. 

We love you Timothy boy! Welcome to the world and to our family!

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