Monday, May 27, 2013


My biggest little boy turned 4. My handsome, sweet, silly Wesley boy, lover of all things red and Lightning McQueen, is growing up so fast.

He is such an ideal big brother, loving and patient. He loves to learn, and then teach what he knows to his little brother.

I love his grin, and his infectious belly laugh.

Cracks me up that he's sitting in the high chair on his big 4 birthday! What a nut.

Wesley boy, we love you. You have a special sweetness and a soft heart. I love our talks and cuddles, and watching you learn. You are a fun guy! Thanks for making our family a happy place!

Thanksgiving was fun. I don't remember how much I ended up keeping down, but I remember the feast was magnificent! My mom found this terrific tablecloth at a party store, and Fredrick was in artistic heaven!

He must take after his great grandpa Freddie!

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