Monday, May 27, 2013


December was a busy, fun month. There was football watching . . . 

And some pre-Christmas festivities at Grandma and Papa Weatherspoon's house. Santa even made an additional early stop there!

Papa made this amazing table and set of chairs. The boys love to set up their "schoolwork" there in their room.

I love this bathtime picture. That crinkle-nose smile is pure Fredrick.

Shiny boys in their Christmas jammies!

This was about as good a family picture as we could muster this year. Between my puking and the boys being squirrely, this is it :)

We spent a week up in Washington for the actual Christmas holiday. We had so much fun, especially with Joe and Mandy's family in the house. Our kids were in heaven! Friends 24/7! I love that they have so many cousins close to their age. 

Mandy and I are always pregnant at the same time. This time she was about six weeks ahead of me. There is a five week gap between Wesley and Brady (Wes was in a bit of a rush) and a three month gap between Connor and Fredrick. It's been so nice to have a sister to share pregnancy woes with!

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