Sunday, May 26, 2013

Playing Catch-Up: September 2012

In September, we celebrated my mom's birthday with a lovely walk at the Basket Slough Wildlife Refuge.

Fredrick following his brother's footsteps.

Exploring with Papa.

Admiring the view


Helping with the cheesecake!

Then before we knew it, Fredrick was 2. Our cherub boy, ball of energy, turbo-charged bulldozer of a boy was two. Lookout world. If anyone was ever really two, it was Fredrick. He knows how to live it up age-appropriately! Hopefully we will all survive his "two-ness."

Opening up presents on Papa's lap.

Picking fresh corn from the garden for birthday dinner.

Not being able to wait for the birthday dinner, or even for the corn to be cooked!

Corn face!

Choo-choo train cupcakes. Thank you Pinterest!

Blowing out the candle.

I love this kid's style. He is definitely his own boy. He loves his family, especially his big brother Wesley. He loves the color red, Lightning McQueen, trains, coloring, and performing small acts of domestic terrorism around the house appropriate to his new age of Terrible Two. We love our golden curled, cherub cheeked boy who charms us with his dimples and makes us laugh daily. You have definitley added spice and adventure to our family!
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