Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Happy One Week Fredrick!

Fredrick has been a very easy baby so far. He eats great, sleeps well (I wake him up to feed at night) and is just as sweet as any baby has a right to be. Maybe even a little bit more :o). We are just loving this new little spirit that has come to our family. I am especially in love with his dimples--I think they are the cutest things ever.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Welcome Little Fredrick Andrew

To be honest, we never thought this day would come. We planned on my going early, like with Wesley. I contracted, and contracted, had some fluid leak, spent lots of time on bed rest, took anti-contraction drugs that bottomed out my blood pressure,sat hooked up to monitors . . . and still no baby. So by the time 39 weeks rolled around with my scheduled c-section, I was ready.

This is my ready face.

I was scheduled for a 12:00 surgery so I got to the hospital at 10:00. 12:00 rolls around, and someone else ruptures and takes my spot in the OR. 2:00 comes and goes, and another woman failed to progress in labor, so she took my new spot.

Here is my patient face.

Wesley was a trooper throughout the delay. He missed his nap, but was happy to read books with "Pa-Pa"

and help Daddy "suit up" when our turn finally came.

I will spare you the photographic evidence of what lies on the other side of the "happy curtain" (Mandi is probably the only one who would find the pictures of my insides interesting instead of disturbing) and proceed directly to the good stuff: the newest man to enter my life.

I am definitely in love.

with all 8 chubby pounds of him. I finally got a baby with rolls!

Randy got another future little-leaguer

and Wes became a big brother.

Welcome *Fredrick!

*We chose the name Fredrick because that is Randy's middle name, his grandfather's name, and my grandpa goes by the nickname "Freddy." Andrew is a name that Randy likes and that I chose because of my cousin Andrea who I love and who introduced me to my husband.