Tuesday, June 18, 2013

April photo-dump

I raided LeGrand's instant upload from his phone to post additional pics from April. Here we are in the operating room. Thank goodness for anesthesia and the happy curtain, or our faces would not be so sanguine.

They had a heck of a time pulling that guy out of me. I was actually worried that the surgeon assisting my OB was going to break my ribs, there were some worrisome cracking sounds.

Skin to skin time while they sewed me up. Heaven. He was a strong little fellow from the get-go, holding his head up on my chest.

All swaddled and sweet.

Proud Papa.

Getting some grandma time.

Sweet oldest brother!

These boys are going to have so much fun together.

Another grandma! Such an embarrassment of riches.

These boys loved having her here. I think they were busy watching Peter and the Wolf (or as Wesley likes to call it, Peter and the Bonk due to the Russian spelling of wolf). He loves to sing the melodies.

So precious.

What a super older brother.

Some fun outside while Mommy rested. I forgot how much c-sections hurt! My goodness. And I was told by those closest to me that I handled this recovery significantly better than my other two. Yikes.

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