Tuesday, June 18, 2013

February 2013

February was another crazy, fun month for us. My sister in law Mandy, with whom I'm always pregnant at the same time, let me throw her a baby shower up in Washington. She was having her first girl, and I was so excited to celebrate this fun time with her. She is really a sister to me, and it meant a lot to me to be able to do this for her. I had so much fun scouring Pinterest looking for fun ideas. It isn't the easiest thing to throw a shower while planning a state away, but I had some really great help from my mother in law who kindly allowed us to host the shower in her home, Mandy's mom, and two of my other sisters in law Joy and Casey. Thank you again for helping me so much!

The food was really fun. There were lemon pound cake cupcakes with raspberry and blackberry buttercream frosting, cranberry biscuits with cranberry honey butter, hummus and veggies, cream cheese mints, mint chocolate brownie bites, and sour candies (one of her cravings). Then there was some fun fluffy punch to drink. I loved serving the cupcakes in dollar store champagne glasses with color coordinated candies on the bottom.

Joy spent a lot of time helping me by creating props for a fun photo booth for the shower, and Casey let us raid her dress up stash for props as well. The dads were great to take all the cousins away for the time of the shower (they got pizza and a fun bouncy house at the mall), but when they came back they had to test out the cute photo booth. Funny boys! 

The gifts! 

I love her excited face in this picture. She really wanted an Ergo carrier, and the family who couldn't make it went in on it for a group gift.

So many cute dresses and frilly things!

My sweet family threw me a surprise birthday party/shower the night before at Joy's house. They were very sneaky about it. Ikey was kind enough to share his party with me. My phone died, taking with it the pictures I took from that party. But it meant a lot to me that Joy, Mandy and Darlene sneakily planned that party for me. Thanks guys!

We were actually driving home on my birthday, so we celebrated with my parents the day after. So I kind of had three birthdays this year, lucky me! 

I love my present opening helpers.

Also how they help decorate. Wesley made sure to get me a pink balloon, and a red balloon for him and Fredrick. What a guy! My mom made my favorite taco pizza and fresh salsa by request (it tasted so good, and since I was in my third trimester the Zofran helped it actually stay down!) and my dad made my favorite chocolate hazelnut gateau. I'm a lucky, lucky girl. Spoiled all around.

I love these shots my mom got of Wesley playing in the rain. 

He certainly inherited his mama's affinity for the Oregon climate.

Busy working in Papa's shop. Such a good helper.

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