Wednesday, December 18, 2013

August Catch-up

Why is it that I am never on top of this? Three crazy boys and a move to a new city certainly complicates things, but I have sisters in law with as much on their plates who blog religiously. Oh well . . . different talents, different people.

So August found us still in Salem, just starting to look at options for our upcoming move. We were able to carve some fun family time into all the craziness and planning.

I love what good friends my boys are. They certainly love their screen time . . .

All three boys!

It was the perfect weather for ice cream, and Grandma and Papa's house was always well supplied. I love their silly ice cream faces!

I'm pretty sure Fredrick wore more than he ate every time!

We took a camping trip to the Oregon coast with my parents. It was such a fun trip . . . on paper! Little ones are famously unpredictable, and this trip was no exception.Be
The boys riding in Grandma's car, with all the fun car treats she prepared for them!

Being silly at the camp site!

The boys loved the tent. I'm pretty sure it was their favorite part.

We made one walk over to the ocean. Poor Timothy did NOT like the wind. It was very windy, and he was just miserable. 

The older boys still thought it was pretty fun.

 . . . even if they had to wear fleece jackets and knit hats in August!

These boys just love being outside.

Luckily the camp site was sheltered and the wind wasn't as bothersome. Timothy had a nice little set up in the swing. If the swing looks familiar to some of you, it's for good reason. I'm pretty sure it has been a hand-me-down through at least three of my sisters-in-law, haha.

The boys got fancy new headlamps for the campout. Best toy ever. Also, love Wesley's tummy hanging out of his spider man jammies.

Freddie's sleepy face, bundled up the next morning cracks me up.

So that night was pretty terrible. Fredrick woke up pretty early on, decided he was terrified of the dark, and would not be consoled. You can imagine how embarrassing it was to be the parent of a screaming child (and you know that kid has a set of lungs) in a public camp site. Tent walls aren't exactly sound proof. We finally got him calmed down, but suffice it to say, we got very little sleep that night.

We decided that instead of trying to repeat the performance of the previous night, we would just cut out losses, and head home early. Before we did, we headed over to the Oregon Coast Aquarium and had a look at the exhibits.

Wesley in particular was really excited about the shark exhibit. 

This little guy was pretty chill about whatever we did. Pretty funny that it was the almost three year old, not the infant, that cut our trip short!

Our little shark lovers.

The boys discovered my old Fischer Price kitchen set from when I was their age. They had to "cook" a little meal on it. 

Happy baby! Think he has enough giraffes?

I love the cute squishy sleepy face.

Cute as a button.

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