Sunday, January 11, 2009

Wes is Two Months Old!

Here is our little guy on his 2 month birthday. He's not breaking any records on the growth charts, but we finally have him putting on some weight after some stressful trips to the pediatrician. He brings so much joy and happiness to our little family. He still has a little bird cry, or rather, squawk, and he is starting to be more vocal. He is more and more alert all the time, and Randy especially is enjoying interacting with his boy. He is right on the edge of smiling at things we do . . . right now the smiles we get are either from gas or in his sleep.

I'm still not getting any sleep, because at seven and a half pounds, Wes still needs to feed every three hours in order to catch up some of that chub he needs. Randy is really great to help out in the afternoons/evenings and let me catch an extra nap whenever possible. We have started working out together which is fun. We've got to get in shape so we can keep up with this little guy once he gets a little bigger!
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