Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Nine Months and Scooting . . .

Yesterday our boy turned 9 months. Today he had his nine-month check up. Here are the stats:

Weight: 17.99 lbs ( 12.22 %tile)
Height: 28.5 in. (59.85 %tile)
Head: 18.3 cm. (82.24 %tile)

Our little guy has finally decided to start chunking out! He jumped ten percentile points in weight alone in the last three months, while continuing to grow in height and (of course) head.

New tricks: scooting everywhere! He army crawls, and is pretty darn quick when he wants to be. This has opened up whole new possibilities for mischief, as everything goes into the mouth. It is nice because he is happier being able to go places on his own. Another not so fun new trick he showed Mom the other day--pulling off his diaper and peeing all over his crib. Yuck.

He is getting more and more independent, although strangers are now not cool and he doesn't like for us to be out of sight. As long as we are there to watch him play, everything is fine. He really likes to have an audience apparently! He likes to read and look at pictures, and most of all--play games with Dad!

He is also a big fan of his older cousin Sam. He'll just watch Sam, fascinated at the cool things Sam can do. I swear he learned to crawl after watching Sam up and around. That was the turning point when he decided he didn't hate tummy time! Wes is so lucky to have such nice, cute cousins to look up to as he grows.
I still take play time very seriously.

My boy.

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