Saturday, January 30, 2010

So it's Been Awhile . . .

Here are a few things that we've been up to.

Wes is such a funny little guy. He now officially "toddles," and is very meticulous about certain things. Like picking every sock fuzzy out of his toes at night.

He knows he is cute, and likes to be funny and make us laugh. Classic example.

He loves his big boy silverware, and takes the cutest little bites with his fork and spoon.

He got the coolest rocking horse from my Dad for Christmas. He made it, and it is absolutely gorgeous.

When he sleeps, Wes is still my little angel baby. I still peek in at him at night before I go to sleep, to make sure he is tucked in. He snores . . . it is so cute.

The first Christmas where he was really involved, and he thought it was pretty cool.

He is the happiest, shiniest little guy. I love his cheesy grin.

Sleeping in his high chair. Way too much delicious Christmas food!

Our happy family. So happy, and the first one turned out so cute and so well, that we decided to add another one. Look for the new addition September of 2010.
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