Monday, December 26, 2011

Chicken Dinner!

On our way out of Walmart, Wesley and I stopped up front so he could sit in the plastic car that moves and shakes if you put quarters in it. Since moving and shaking scares him to death, I get to save quarters and he just sits in there for a while. But he seriously loves it so it works out well for everyone. Three minutes into a most exciting chair sit, I started getting the gambler's itch as the crane game's flashing lights worked on me. I just got done thinking to myself that a dollar per play is a complete ripoff when I realized I actually had a single dollar bill in my pocket, plus there was this stuffed Christmas bear with a funny hat saying hi to me. I had a surge of confidence I've never before felt that I'm sure most people get right before they lose money. Wesley had never seen the game played before and I thought it would be fun for me him, and as soon as I asked him he was all over the idea. A small crowd had gathered to watch as we walked through how we were going to do it--I'll line it all up, you push the red button when I say push. I lost my dollar forever, the 20 second timer started, and:

Everyone was cheering, Wesley was jumping and laughing, it was a lot of fun. Good job Wesley!
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