Friday, February 24, 2012


I was at work last night doing my usual thing of spacing out and waiting for the day to end when I got a text from Alicia. It was a nice surprise. She asked me to pick up a burrito from Taco Bell on my way home from work. For most of us that would seem like a reasonable request, but Alicia may as well have asked me to pick up a lance for some jousting later. She just doesn't ask me to pick up fast food, least of all from Taco Bell. So when I asked her what was going on, we went back and forth with her trying to dance around that dinner was disgusting and she couldn't eat it. Apparently, she wanted minestrone soup. But minestrone out of a can isn't filling, and she hadn't eaten much all day. Ramen noodles sounded pretty good, but there were no clean pots to cook the noodles. Thinking really hard begat:

Minestrone Ramen!!! Here's the recipe: dump one can of minestrone into a thing, add uncooked ramen noodles, then microwave until nasty sludge. Enjoy!

I got sick on Saturday and shared it with everyone. We've had 100 degree fevers, congestion, hacking coughs, some have had nausea, diarrhea, we're now moving toward ear infections, and as the opening story illustrates, delirium. Hurray for sickness! We're starting to get better, but what a week. I wish sick kids cared that you are both sick too.
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