Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Boys' Room Redo

So the boys needed a little room rearrange. Fredrick decided he would much rather snuggle up to his big brother at night than sleep in his toddler bed, so the toddler bed was only used for occasional jumping. He also lost patience with being rocked at night (stifled sob) so the rocking chair was just taking up space. So they never wanted to play in their room, and toys were always in the living room. I found this tutorial in a magazine a few years ago, and wanted to make it for awhile. So last Saturday, I bit the bullet and went to Joannes with my mom. We got all the materials, then during nap time we put it all together. Then yesterday we moved the furniture around, installed a ceiling hook, and voila! A brand new room for the boys to play in:

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