Thursday, February 24, 2011

Christmas '10

This December our stake had a community nativity festival at the stake center, and as one of the attractions they had a live nativity out in front of the church, complete with camel, donkey, and a couple of sheep. They asked our family to be the characters of Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus. It was an amazing experience, having had a baby boy a few months earlier, to reflect on that moment in history that means so much to us all. Fredrick was a trooper even though it was FREEZING (you may notice the unusually chubby appearance of the characters . . . we were wearing layers under layers) and slept the entire two hours.
The girl in white was a rather belligerent angel--her mom made her do it :)

This isn't a particularly Christmasy picture, but I just love it. Apparently he wasn't getting it fast enough from his little individual sized yellow bowl . . . He gets that from his dad (Joy knows!)

Our little Wesley is obsessed with the Disney/Pixar movie Cars. Here he fell asleep reading one of the books about the characters. Also, how cute is he tucked in with that giant stuffed pig?
It is great having two such fun sets of Grandparents. Christmas Eve morning we had Christmas #1 with the Weatherspoons.
We came over bright and early in our Christmas jammies (all but LeGrand who had to go to work that day . . . boo!)
Santa Baby!
Opening up stockings.
The picture just doesn't do justice to the pure joy on this kid's face. His favorite presents weren't anything big--they were three toy cars in his stocking. Doc Hudson, Lighting McQueen, and Sheriff (from the movie Cars). He wouldn't let those cars out of his sight for months. He still sleeps with them. Did I mention he likes that movie? There is a sequel coming out in a few months, and I am excited to take him to see it. As a general rule sequels usually stink, but it will be fun to take him to his first real movie. Too bad his favorite character, Doc Hudson (Paul Newman) died a few years back so he won't be in the film.
I love kids at Christmas!
Naughty grandpa also taught him a trick with his new Cars underpants. Unfortunately now he calls them "hats." Thanks dad!

The next morning (mid-day, let's be realistic about our skills as morning people) we drove up to Federal Way for Christmas with the Johnsons. It was too quick a trip, but it was all the time off that was available. Double Boo. It was so fun to see Ben, Casey and their family (minus Molly. We miss you Molly!); Joy, Matt and their fun boys; Joe, Mandy and their adorable guys; and Mom and Dad Johnson. I didn't get pictures of that visit because I'm lame and I'm used to having events photographed for me! (My mom is a great photographer. We wouldn't have pictures without her!)

It was a fun season, and hard to let it go. But with our anniversary, LeGrand's birthday, Valentine's day and then my birthday in quick succession, we had lots of fun things to look forward to.

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