Thursday, February 24, 2011

Craft Update

I have been able to get a few projects in, even with new baby (who isn't so new anymore, sniff). Here is a little of what I have been up to:

I am in that stage of life when everyone I know is having babies. Although, judging from the amount of baby presents my mom is always making, I'm not sure when that stage ends. In any case, when I was pregnant with Fredrick my mom bought me this adorable book of booty patterns. So I have been making lots of those.

Speaking of babies, I always make the same present for my friends/family who have babies. It isn't especially creative, but it is something that is incredibly useful to me, so there you go. I sew and then crochet an edging around a receiving blanket, a couple of burp clothes, and then make a set of flannel bibs (my mom came up with the pattern for the bibs, and they are the best ever). It is a fairly fast project so I can keep up with all the births (5 of LeGrand's siblings had babies in the past year, as well as two of my favorite cousins--one of which had identical twins!) The blanket above is for one of my dearest friends who just had her second. She does read the blog, so sorry to spoil the surprise, but it should get in the mail this week. :o) If I'm lucky she will be too busy with her newborn to check blogs for a few days.

This is a project for the boys' room that I started while I was pregnant with Fredrick. I got bored with all the knitting I was doing, and I wanted to learn something new. I turned out to really love it--I want to make something again sometime.

This was Fredrick's Christmas present. I got the pattern off of Susan B Anderson's blog--she is such a genius. I need to get some of her books. I'm eyeing the new one she has coming out soon.

I made this little guy from leftover yarn from Fredrick's blanket, and he is very snuggly. I am really happy with how he turned out.

Lastly, I made this set for a special lady. I saw the free pattern for the scarf on the Purl Bee blog, and fell in love. Then in a moment of "I should be working on Christmas projects but I'd rather work on something just for fun" I started this scarf in some extra yarn I had lying around. The color and the pattern reminded me of this friend who was going through a rough patch, so I ended up making it for her. Then I saw the hat pattern on the Never Not Knitting blog, and I couldn't resist. So I ordered another skein of yarn to match.

Up next? I ordered enough beautiful yarn for a sweater coat from a Christmas gift card, so I am excited to be knitting that. I also have a couple of blankets I want to make, a birthday stocking for my Fredrick who turns six months next month (for all his half-birthday surprises) and I have a dress pattern and a shirt pattern I've been dying to make. Then my super talented sister in law Casey posted a link for a cute toddler pant pattern I want to try for my skinny Wesley (that boy has no booty!) . . . so I have enough to keep my busy. :o)

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