Thursday, August 2, 2012

Quick Trip to Washington

Sunday afternoon we headed up to Washington for a quick trip to see the Johnson clan. We really missed spending time with everyone at the reunion, plus we owed Grandma Johnson some belated birthday hugs, plus we wanted to spend some time with Ashley, Morgan and baby Clara before they move to Denver later this week.

It was a short visit, but we had a really great time. We got a few card games in with the Fillmores, and Monday night we got to have a family night with the Chantrys, Grandma and Papa, Ben and Casey's family and Joe and Mandy's family. There were so many little boys all together! Very fun.

Joe and Mandy were so nice to come hang out with us for a good chunk of the time we were there. It was pretty cute to watch Brady and Wesley run around together. Tuesday night we were able to go to a Mariners game. Grandma Johnson was nice enough to watch Fredrick, Brady and Connor so we could enjoy the game. This wasn't Wesley's first game, but he was pretty darn excited.

Such a gorgeous night for baseball! Especially when the Mariners were on a winning streak! Look at that gorgeous Seattle skyline. Man, I love that ballpark.

Wesley loved seeing the players in real life. He's quite a little baseball fan!

Making some goofy faces!

Wesley was having a hard time sitting still through the whole game so I took him on a little walk. There is a little playground in the stadium for little ones with slides and big tubes (they kind of look like big gerbil toys) for kids to climb through. Wesley loved it! When we were done there (more like I was done--he could have stayed forever) we were on our way back and he grabbed my hand and dragged me over to see the Moose.  He was pretty excited to see the Mariner's Moose!

I miss this girl! 

Daddy bought him a huge foam finger to wave. He thought that was pretty cool. He still walks around with it saying, "Mariners number one!"

He has a special place in his heart for Grandpa Johnson. I had to get a picture of them together at the game, like the one from Wesley's first game:

Next time hopefully the game will start earlier in the day so we can bring Fredrick. Got to start these boys on baseball early and raise them up right!

Pictures I wish I had taken: Wesley and his cousins playing in the sand box, a million of Clara (although I can't compete with the professional ones her mom takes!), and Grandma Johnson with the boys on the porch swing watching the airplanes. I'm so terrible at remembering to take pictures. We had so much fun these past few days. Thanks everyone for making our trip so fun!
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