Friday, September 14, 2007


This year has been an eventful one for our little family of two. We (finally!) got married in January, I finished up school, and this August I graduated with a BA in English. My focus was literature as I was hoping to follow many of my friends on to graduate work in the fall, but because of Randy's million dollar question last November, I decided to put that off for a few years and start a career in technical/creative writing instead. This field is more lucrative than one would think, and it allows me the flexibility of staying at home and telecommuting once we start a family. Getting experience in the field is the big hurdle, and so I have spent the last month interviewing for some great, and some not-so-great positions around the area.

Graduation was an emotional, fun time for me. For those who have been close to me over the past eight years (yes, I could have been a doctor by now) know how many things I overcame to reach this point. Just coming back to Utah after being so sick on my mission (my disease has been in remission for about three years, knock on wood) was a complete miracle. I was also blessed with some outstanding professors who became dear friends and mentored me along the way.

It was wonderful having my parents for a short but action-packed visit that weekend. We all attended the Mt. Timpanogas Temple together, did a little graduation shopping, toured the new Pres. Hinckley alumni building on campus, attended both graduation and convocation (where I very nearly died of heatstroke--black robe in 100+ degree weather do not mix!), took many pictures, opened presents, celebrated my half-birthday, and enjoyed my mom's AMAZING cooking. They spoiled Randy and me so much while they were in town, buying us a vacuum for our new apartment, taking us out to dinner, plus a heavenly chocolate-hazelnut gateau my dad made! All in all we had a wonderful time and were sad to see them leave.

Dr. Matthews--the professor I did research with the last couple of years, as well as a really good friend.

Don't we look smart!

The cake!


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