Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Big Move

This past month as been a little crazy for us, as we just moved into a new place in Orem. For those of you not familiar with what Lance so aptly coined as, "Chinchilla-gate," we decided to leave our close-to-campus, cheap, furnished apartment in Provo due to uncomfortable conditions with our landlord. So after a few months of nerve-unraveling searching we found a perfect situation for us here in Orem. Since I just graduated and Randy is taking most of his courses online, it was much less imperative to be near BYU. We must admit that being farther away from all the campus-life hubub has greatly improved our satisfaction with the area. We got an amazing deal on our new apartment--we doubled our square footage and we pay about the same rent. Our new place isn't furnished, so we can't invite too many people over at once or they will have to sit on the ground. But since our idea of having a crazy good time is sitting around playing card games or watching the chinchilla hop around, we are doing okay! Joy and Matt were the generous doners of their old kitchen table and we bought a bookcase which Randy expertly assembled, so the two most important things are taken care of: eating and reading. We have a little laundry area off our bathroom, so we are looking forward to the day when we can bring home a washer and dryer. We love our new ward, where the average age is 75, and know we will learn a lot from our more "experienced" neighbors and new friends. They have fun enrichment activities, and I have already joined the quilting club and the book club. Randy is having fun getting to know the five other men in the Elders' Quorum. Che loves the new space, and we love that she doesn't have strange places to hide where we can't get her out of (she used to try and get in our boxed-spring, a place impossible to extricate her from). We have two nearby parks, one a block west and another two blocks east, so we have plenty of trails to go bike riding. I was especially excited to learn that our local library (also two blocks away) hosts interesting lectures and literary seminars, which I will be taking advantage of in the coming months. All things considered, Orem in a perfect fit for us at this stage in our marital adventure.

Our old place--usually not this messy, but we were moving. You can pretty much see our entire apartment from this shot--minus the bedroom/bathroom area. I could vacuum the entire place without switching plugs, if that gives an idea of the approximate size :o)

Our new bright, sunny kitchen! (sunny must have been a color scheme in the 70's when they installed the formica and flooring . . .)

the livingroom and front window

Our entryway and vintage 70's era spindles!! (It doubles as a good time-out corner for Randy when he's been naughty.)

the bathroom

The "office" and Randy's beautiful bookcase he assembled for me. Yeah, it's already full . . .

The other half of the office . . .

Our bedroom
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