Monday, October 1, 2007

50 pounds of brown sugar

Randy and I dated for two years before we got married, so there weren't too many surprises as we started married life. I knew most of his quirks (other than the fact that he talks in his sleep) so things have been pretty peaceful. But once in awhile he will surprise me with his . . . well . . . boyness!
The other night I wasn't feeling that well so I sent him to the store to bring home a few groceries. Not major shopping, just a couple of things to get us by until I could come up with a menu and a list. We were out of pretty much everything, and extremely sick of the three things we did have: spaghetti, potato pearls, and refried beans. Knowing Randy's shopping limitations I expected him to bring home a frozen pizza or some stir-fry, a loaf of bread and some meat for a sandwich--something simple and easy to prepare. I didn't give him many guidelines as to what to buy, but I had seen groceries he used to pick out for himself while we were dating, so I wasn't terribly worried.
I was just sitting on the bed reading while he was gone, and when I realized I had been reading for about forty-five minutes I started to get worried. But he hadn't called to ask for advice, so I figured he was just doing a little more shopping than I expected when I sent him out. Just as I was about to call him, he walked in the door. He called me to come see what he had bought . . . and I couldn't believe it. With no food in the house he comes home after forty-five minutes with nothing but a gallon of milk, a family size box of jalapeƱo poppers, and 60--get this--SIXTY eggo waffles in a costco-sized box. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry--I was so tired I think I did a little of both.
Poor Randy had wandered through Smiths all that time not knowing what to get, and trying so hard to think what I would like. He remembered that I had tried eggos for the first time about two years ago and had liked them, so buying sixty seemed like the right thing to do. And apparently the poppers just looked good.
I'm still so baffled at how much more helpless he seems as a married man. I know that he knows how to do things, but now that there is a Wife to do them, he seems to have forgotten. But, I love him! So there you have it.
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