Monday, October 29, 2007

Would you like some fries with that?

I got a catalog in the mail this morning for this company selling funny "demotivational" products. I flipped through the pages and found this on a t-shirt, and felt that it did a great job of summing up the frustration both Randy and I have felt looking around in the job market. We are both relatively intelligent, hardworking individuals, but it seems like there is nothing in the Provo/Orem area other than either 1) restaurant work, 2) call centers, or 3) fast food management. The writing market in this area is terrible, which is why I am taking time off to write a novel. I have found myself to be a complete anomaly though, as I am neither writing Mormon love stories or fantasy/sci-fi, which for some reason seems to be all people in this valley seem to write/read. Randy just started a new job as a sales rep for the Living Scriptures, which sells animated scripture-based movies for families. He is pretty much just happy to be out of a call center, which is where we both worked for the first half of our marriage, and then on and off ever since. I think we are both done with that place for good though. It sealed the deal for me when the girl I sat next to every day and who I was really good friends with killed herself this summer. So for us it has been goodbye Credit Attorney, hello . . . anything-but-McDonalds-please!!!!!
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