Thursday, October 11, 2007

Crazy Kids

Those of you who know Randy and me pretty well know that we are pretty low key . . . translation: boring. We enjoy really wild things like sitting around on our living room floor playing card games for hours, watching movies or the Discovery Channel, or watching Che run circles around our room. But once in awhile we will decide spur-of-the-moment to break out of our ruts and do something ridiculous. A few years ago we decided to hike the Y at about 9 o'clock at night. At the time neither of us owned a car, so it meant we had to walk from our apartments to the base of the mountain, hike the mountain, and then walk back (Luckily I was in a lot better shape back then!). Last night we got a similar itch . . . this time for s'mores. So we jetted off to Smiths, got the goods, picked up Mandy, and drove off to Provo Canyon. It was a little spooky being so late at night--Randy didn't help by telling awful stories about Mountain Lion attacks etc.--but it turned out to be a lot of fun. We started up a nice roaring fire, roasted the tastiest s'mores in the world (in spite of the fact that I bought a ridiculously over sized Hershey bar that was a bit too thick to melt properly) and then came home before Randy freaked us out too much with his stories. The only problem now is that all of my suppressed desire for camping and outdoorsy activities has been unleashed, so I want to go back. But it was definitely worth it.
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