Monday, October 22, 2007

Let it Snow

Saturday afternoon and evening we had our first snow of the season. Neither of us are ready for real winter cold, but a few flakes were fun. Now that we are in Orem I think we will get a little more snow than we did when we lived south of campus, since we are a little higher in elevation. The flakes started that afternoon, and by that night it had started to stick to the pavement. The past couple of years we have enjoyed long walks together at night in the snow, so we bundled ourselves up late Saturday night (I'm sure we looked ridiculous dressed for the arctic, with just an inch of snow on the ground) and took our first walk of the season. I really love our new neighborhood because it is so peaceful. We live just a block away from a park on the grounds of the local hospital, with pathways that wind around and through trees and large fields. It was fun to see our new surroundings glowing in the snowy night. My favorite part about cold, snowy nights is how everything lights up, reflecting off the snow. I can't wait until our neighbors start putting up Christmas lights, and see them shine off the snow. I am just a little excited for the Christmas season. I played my first Christmas cd Saturday afternoon. I must have some psychic connection with my mom because she started playing her Christmas music the same day. But it is Monday now, and the snow is melted, so it feels like October again. And that is just fine: I will certainly get sick of the cold and snow soon enough!
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