Saturday, October 20, 2007

Girls' Day In

Thursday my old roommate Krystal came over for a spa day. Back about a year ago when Randy and I were still dating, I would send Randy home early on Sunday nights (he was always pretty much with me during BYU approved visiting hours) and she and I would have a little "spa" in our room. This is her senior year and is feeling exceedingly stressed (she's an English major too, so I know exactly how she's feeling), and it had been way too long since either of us had really pampered ourselves. So I picked her up and we made blueberry scones--the English kind, not the mormon fried bread--made herbal chai tea (Yeah, we're English majors), and then proceded to do pedicures, facials, and we both got French manicures. I lit an aromatherapy candle I picked up at the day spa Randy sent me to for my birthday, and it was positively, decadently delightful. After all the wonderful relaxation, we took Randy, who had been such a good sport about all the girliness happening in the other room, and we went to the Orem dollar theatre and saw Stardust. It stars Clare Danes, Michelle Pheiffer, and Robert DeNiro, and we all loved it. Especially Randy. It is clean, hilarious, and really well done. It is a little reminiscent of Princess Bride, just more flashy, magical. It felt so good to have a complete non-stress day.
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