Friday, October 5, 2007

Anger Management

So before I got married, I witnessed a fair amount of stress caused by nearly all of Randy's brothers to their wives on account of their video-game playing habits. I knew pretty early on that Randy was on a similar path--video/computer games seem to be part of his genetic material--so I decided, hey, if you can't beat 'em . . . and I took his invitation to play a game with him. This decision about six months into our relationship has turned out to be a really good one for us. Since he was kind enough to take the time and teach me how to play, he rarely sits down and plays a game without me (unless I'm lost in a book and he needs to kill some time). This way his gaming has become a kind of activity we can do together, instead of something that frustrates me. We don't play either very much or very often, although since moving to our new place where we have no tv and no money to go out, we have played Mario Kart together on the Nintendo 64 more often! There has been an unintended and completely unforeseen consequence to his teaching me how to play though. I get really angry!! I didn't know I had much of a temper until now, but hidden down there somewhere I've got some fire. Randy taught me how to play Zelda on the 64, and two nights ago I was stuck in the most exasperating spot in the game, and I actually started shouting and throwing pillows across the room. I think my eyes may have turned a little red :o). In any case, I had to turn the darn thing off and take a brisk walk around the block to compose myself. Then I just went back to reading, which turns out is a whole lot safer!
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