Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Little Quack

One of my favorite things to do is read to my nieces and nephews. Reading is one of my favorite things to do, and I love sharing that with people I care about. Sunday when we were up visiting Lance, Mandi and the kids, I saw how things sometimes come full circle. Sydney is going through her Princess stage--like every other little girl under 12--and wanted me to read Cinderella, and read Cinderella, and AGAIN read--yes--Cinderella. As I was bibitty-bobbety-booing for the umpteenth time, I remembered hearing my parents saying that when I was that age, I made them read that exact book over and over again. I had it memorized and wouldn't let them skip through pages. I was more than happy to put in my time with Cinderella though to spend time with my niece!
On a more serious note, the book pictured above I believe to be a cruel punishment for any parent, or in this case, aunt. The adorable illustrations of baby duckies bely the agony that awaits any story-teller: some horrifically ridiculous names. The author, this Laura Thompson, in her perverseness named two of the ducklings "Piddle and Puddle," and every time I had to read those names (pretty much every page in the stupid book) I completely lost composure, and had to take about five minutes to get myself under control. I might as well have been reading about "Peepee and Tinkle." Maybe it was late at night, and I had a "gummy-gamantula" moment, or maybe it was really that funny. I'll leave the judgment up to you.
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