Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Eneman to the rescue!

While visiting Lance and Mandi last Sunday, Mandi brought out a box of stuffed toys to show us. Apparently Lance had done some work for Fleet, a company best known for its enema products. Someone in the company thought it would be good for morale (or else has a really sick sense of humor) and made a Fleet mascot--complete with beanie toys, Christmas ornaments, and--get this--golf club covers. All shaped like the little guy on the right. Ethan and Sydney love the little guy, and call him carrot head (can you imagine trying to explain what an enema is to a five-year old?). I was laughing so hard that I started crying. For any of you frequent enema customors, apparently Fleet has some kind of frequent buyer program where if you buy enough enemas you get the golf-club cover. I have a hard time imagining the poor soul who really would buy enough of their product to qualify, and then be proud enough to want to display the fact on the golf course. In any case, it gave me a good laugh. :)
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