Monday, November 19, 2007

A Real, Live, Actual Living Room!

Gradually our little home is coming together, mostly through the generosity of various family members. Mandi's grandparents donated their old sectional to the Randy and Alicia cause, and Friday night we went and picked it up (thanks to Matt's truck he lent us). And because Joe and Mandy are moving to a smaller, furnished place, we inherited their coffee table that they inherited from Matt and Joy. Who knows, maybe someday Ashley will get it next! Everything looks really nice, and it has been wonderful to have an actual living room to use. It came just in time too . . . the second councilor in the bishopbrick came to visit Saturday morning to extend us callings. So now we are both ward missionaries, and I am the ward's "language" missionary. There are actually a pair of Spanish Sisters in the area working with a man from Mexico, so it looks like I'll get to be a part of some discussions soon. Another ward missionary sister and I are working with his wife this week who wants to be baptized but has to wait a bit, so we study with her while her husband hears the lessons.
This past month has been a bit stressful while Randy has started a new job and I tried to work out a health-insurance nightmare. But things are finally looking up. Randy has started to really get the hang of his sales work, and thinks that this job is for him after all. I was not so successful with the insurance thing--turns out I'm completely uninsurable. But after a lot of praying, we know that everything will work out and eventually we'll find a solution to that as well. So now we're just looking forward to Thanksgiving, a favorite holiday of mine and my mom's. We have this enormous table so we decided to host a dinner here, for whatever family wants to brave my first attempt at a turkey dinner. But luckily I am armed with a cooking magazine my sisters-in-law gave me for a bridal shower present, I have some secret family recipes of my mom's, and various people have offered help. So, wish me luck! Hopefully I won't drop the turkey as it comes out of the oven or anything.
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