Thursday, April 3, 2008

Pretty Darn Exciting

So if you haven't already heard, there is another little Johnson on the way!! Randy and I are so thrilled. As you can tell from the little alien/bean widget, I am very early in the pregnancy. If I have it calculated correctly, I am due December 4, but we'll let you know if the doctor tells me otherwise. I am feeling great so far, but people have been telling me that I probably have about two more weeks of feeling okay before I start throwing up when I smell pretty much anything. We are so grateful that this little miracle happened for us, and can't wait to meet little baby girl/boy!

Last month when I was at Walmart picking up some flannel for a blanket for baby Sam, I saw the cutest little girl flannel and I had to buy it--just in case I have a girl sometime. It has little moneys on a pink background, and is pretty much the most adorable thing ever. So when we found out that we were expecting, Mandy and Mallory surprised us with a present for our little one: the cutest stuffed monkey from build-a-bear. It even has a cute little squeak when you squeeze his arm! I'm pretty sure it's going to be a big hit when our little one comes. :o)

The other thing that has been going on at our house, is a lot of jewelry making. One of the services that we provide at Sakora is restringing pearls, and so we are all trained to do that. Randy discovered that he really, really likes to string pearls, so he has been going a little crazy. He helped me make a necklace for my friend for her birthday, and then he went and bought four strands of different colored cultured pearls and strung them in a three-strand necklace for me. Then he still wanted to do more so he made me a matching bracelet. So if any of you want a cool necklace--let Randy know. He'll do it for you for the cost of the materials :o). Like I said, he has found a new passion. I don't mind--I get lots of pretty jewelry!!
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