Tuesday, April 22, 2008

If I were a dwarf, my name would be Sleepy . . .

My poor husband. Over the past week and a half . . . two weeks . . . I've been asleep for most of it so I don't remember for certain . . . my morning sickness has kicked in. To the point where I have nearly projectile-vomited across the jewelry store at work. When I haven't been losing the few foods that I can tolerate, I have been asleep. Or wanting to be asleep. Randy is pretty much going out of his mind. It is just starting to get warm and have the kind of weather here where you want to go for a bike ride, or throw a football around . . . and sadly all of those things sound completely horrific to me right now. So most of our activities have been late-night runs to the store to gather a variety of ingredients that happen to sound okay for me to eat at the moment.

So far the weird cravings have been for pretty random things. One night I really wanted Sushi rice (white rice cooled off by being mixed with a rice vinegar/sugar/salt sauce) with avocado and olives on the side. Sunday I really wanted a Soy milk smoothy with banana, peanut butter and cocoa. Sadly we had no banana and nobody we knew had a banana, so that craving had to wait. Instead, Randy was very sweet and made me a cornmeal waffle with chocolate chips sprinkled in it, topped with peanut butter and fresh homemade syrup. One night pickles actually did sound good, so I had some of those. My friend Leith suggested oranges helped her, so I've had a couple of those. Mostly I've lived on Orange gatorade, Ginger ale, and a few bites of bland food here and there. I've been trying to put as much food down as I can because I'm afraid I'm losing weight, but it is hard when pretty much even the thought of most food sends me gagging to the toilet.

Speaking of eating well, I've had quite a few people worried that my veganism is going to affect the health of my baby. To put some fears to rest, as well as satisfy curiosity, this is what I have found through my reading.
"Got a beef with beef (and chicken, and fish, and eggs, and dairy) — but your mother-in-law's got a beef with you not eating it ("Babies need meat to grow," she's fond of chiding)? Tell her not to worry (and to quit chiding). Vegan mamas-to-be can grow babies with the best of the meat eaters (and in some ways, even better — since you'll be getting so many notable nutrients from the fruits, vegetables, and whole grains you're probably already enjoying in copious quantities). You'll just need to be a little extra conscientious about scoring your quota of the following vital nutrients."
I take my prenatal vitamin every day, drink fortified soy milk where I get my vitamin B12, some extra protein, Vitamin D, calcium, as well as other random things. I eat legumes and whole grains where I get protein and vitamins. So I am doing my best to take care of both me and baby, and so far--other than all the funny, normal, sometimes annoying symptoms of pregnancy--we are feeling fantastic. Some articles I found helpful: http://goveg.com/lettuce.asp and http://whattoexpect.com/index.aspx?puid=0d153601-21ca-43c2-a71f-708c48429b9b&p=1
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