Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Critter Caps

While I was on bed rest, my dad came to visit. My AMAZING mom had been staying with us to help out, and the poor guy needed some TLC. Anyway one of the members of his audit team must have been trying to impress her boss, because she sent with him a gift for Wes--a "critter cap" she knitted. It was just so darn cute that my mom and I promptly got the directions, which are delightfully simple, and made some more. They make a really fun shower gift for winter babies, and look really cute on the little tykes. The one pictured above I made as a shower gift for a friend in my church. The flower detail I crocheted and then tied on--there are many fun variations: stars, balloons, just to name a few.

Here are the directions to make your own:

worsted weight yarn, any color
US size 10 needles
yarn needle to sew up sides

Cast on 30 stitches, leaving a six inch tail of yarn to sew up the side. Continue in stockinette stitch for 13 inches. Bind off stitches, leaving another six inch tail on the opposite side. Fold in half, pearl sides together. Sew up the sides, and voila! A cap for a cute critter.

(These instructions make a hat that fit about a three month old . . . or at least my three month old. You can play around with a pattern this easy--add stitches, subtract stitches, use thinner or thicker yarn or different sized needles to fit different little heads. Have fun!)
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