Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Three Months Cute

This is our grown up, three-month old boy enjoying life from his new crib. He has been in a cradle in our bedroom up till now, which has worked out really well since he needed fed so frequently. But now that things are under control, it really was time to establish more firm sleep routines and get him in his own room where the lights could go off earlier than when we go to bed. So crib shopping we went, and I even assembled it all by my handy self! (Thank you Joy and Matt for letting us borrow your truck to transport the box . . . my spacial reasoning isn't very good apparently, because I thought originally that we could fit it in our Malibu . . . )
Here is Wes' "bigger-boy" bed, with the cutest dust-ruffle that my mom made while she was here. There will be a quilt coming . . . after I finish a few priority projects that I am embarrassingly behind on. Like we're talking embarrassing to the point of humiliation--and the sad realization that I have not yet mastered the art of juggling a demanding baby and the rest of my life with the seeming grace of my many-talented sisters in-law. But that is a different story. Anyway, the fabric from the dust ruffle will eventually be the backing of the said quilt.

Another view of the crib. So the first night it was up, Wes decided that he did NOT want to be left in that strange room by himself. But for the last two nights he has had five hour stretches in his crib! This has provided four to five hour stretches for his mom to sleep without waking up every time baby makes a grunt. And every time baby makes a grunt, mommy has a tendency to hop out of bed to check on baby. Thus, Zombie Alicia has been up and around for the past three months, which hopefully will change soon.

This is Randy's latest brag pic on his phone. We love those sweet little eyes.

Three month stats:
Weight: 10.08 lbs. (2.16 %tile)
Height: 22.2 in. (2.68 %tile)
Head:16 in. (35.15 %tile)

According to his head measurement, he definitely is a Johnson. We are happy that our little guy is back on the charts. He was about the third %tile when he was born, so he is about where he started. The pediatrician is happy with his progress, and so are we.
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