Tuesday, June 16, 2009


When I married Randy, I was so excited that he was a member of a big family. One of the big reasons for my excitement, was that I was finally an Aunt! Plus I really hit the jackpot--all of his siblings have like the CUTEST kids ever. Last week and this week, we have been able to watch my nephew Sam while his mom goes and teaches a music camp (yeah, cute kids and super talented siblings) and we have had so much fun. Wes and Sam are eight months apart, and it has been hilarious to watch them together. Wes really hasn't been around that many kids, so Sam has come like a revelation. You mean little ones like me are able to run around and actually reach things that they want? The pure wonder on Wesley's face is priceless. Sam is usually a pretty good sport about his little fan. Although he is learning that fans can be pesky when they want to play with your toys :o).
Look at these handsome little devils, just chillin'!

We also got to go visit Lance and Mandy to celebrate Anna's birthday. It was so good to see all of them. I love that Wesley has such sweet cousins.

Sharing a cuddle with Syd.
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