Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Natural Home Cleaners

Recently I have been interested in using more natural cleaning solutions around my home. I hate germs, but I also hate the idea of Wesley coming into contact with harsh chemicals. So I have been making some small changes as I can afford them. I replaced the lysol and 409 in my kitchen and bathroom with spray bottles of vinegar, and lemon juice in place of bleach in the laundry. When I run out of laundry detergent, I am going to make some of my own. And speaking of natural laundry alternatives, Passionate Homemaking has a giveaway you should check out. She is giving away samples of Soap Nuts, which sound amazing.

In other blogger news, you should also head on over to my dear friend Leith's blog and check out her brand new Etsy shop she has opened with her friend and sister-in-law. They are selling these absolutely gorgeous hand-painted tablecloths, and believe me--if we weren't such broke college students, I would be first in line. But they are definitely on my wish list!
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