Saturday, November 7, 2009

One Little Monkey

Here is one of the reasons I haven't updated the blog recently. I am not a very experienced seamstress, but I saw this pattern for a monkey costume six months ago, and knew I had to try. So, I dove in and finished about 30 minutes before our church Halloween party. But seeing Wesley as a little organ grinder monkey made it worth the effort.

On Halloween day Randy's brother Joe, his wife Mandy and their little boy Brady came over to hang out. Brady is five weeks younger than Wes, and it is so fun to watch them interact. It is the best being back close to them again--we lived near each other in Utah for about a year, and spent a lot of time together. Mandy and I went through the months of trying to get pregnant at the same time, and it was the best surprise when we both got pregnant two weeks apart. Now here we are, a year and eight months later, seeing our little dreams-come-true play together.
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