Friday, October 1, 2010

Big Brother

As I was preparing to give birth to Fredrick, I happened across a section in a child development/pediatrician book my sister in law gave me when I had Wesley. It was in the section dedicated to children Wesley's age, the "almost-two-ers," and talked about how to handle a new addition to the family. It gave some really good advice, but also gave this council: a child who is almost two is just figuring out who he/she is and what is going on--don't expect too much out of them. Don't expect them to love the baby, give them time. So when we showed Fredrick to Wesley in the hospital and then eventually brought this new little guy home with us, I wasn't expecting much. I was basically hoping that Wes would tolerate Fredrick until he was old enough to understand more of what was going on. But Wesley has far surpassed my expectations. He loves having Fredrick riding with him in the back seat of the car. He loves to give him kisses. He is so concerned if he ever hears Fredrick cry, and has to find him in the morning when he wakes up. This guy has all the makings of the best big brother ever. Fredrick is a lucky boy.

These are the flowers he brought Mommy and Fredrick in the hospital. Grandma is teaching him to be such a gentleman already!

Getting to know each other in the hospital. Tiny stinky feet! (to Wes, all feet are stinky and he waves his hand in front of his nose.)

Should say, #1 Big Brother!

Excited for Mommy and Fredrick to come home from the hospital! The kid is quite an artist by the way.

A little Grandma movie time while Mommy is away.

Future Best Friends.
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