Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Four Weeks Already!

I meant to get some pictures up after Fredrick's three week check up last week, but I got an infection in my incision (yeah, ick. Painful and ick.) so I haven't been completely on my game. With the help of antibiotics and more pain meds, I think I'm turning the corner if I can get enough sleep! But this little guy isn't such a little guy--he's over 9 pounds now and out of his newborn clothes. He cluster feeds and sleeps for a good six hour block some nights, which is amazing! Having a big baby is a lot easier I'm finding than having a premie. Also the second time around I'm not so paranoid.

We are getting ready for Halloween around here. Doesn't Fredrick look like he's trying to cast a spell on you? He is a crack-up already . . . I think I'm going to have my hands full with funny boys around here.

Monday we packed the boys up in the car and made our way to a local pumpkin patch. Wesley even had some very cool galoshes for the occasion.

I love this picture. Pure excitement and joy. That's what holidays are all about.

This lucky guy got a wheel-barrow ride from Grandpa. So much fun!


Searching for the perfect one . . .

Family Fun!

And here are a few random cutenesses from the past couple of weeks . . . .

Hopefully the rest of my recovery will be uneventful. I am looking forward to having my energy back and visiting family in few weeks for my nephew's christening. Plus the holidays are here, and I am ready to party!
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