Friday, October 8, 2010

Fredrick: Two Weeks!

Here is our cute, chubby Fredrick boy at two weeks. His check-up isn't until next Friday so I won't have his stats until then, but from the rolls accumulating on his body I think he's thriving! Wesley still thinks he's pretty cool--I have been lucky so far that Wes will let me read stories to him while I nurse Fredrick so he doesn't feel ignored. That boy loves his books!

My recovery is going better than it did last time. I sometimes overdo it because I am feeling well, but other than that no complaints. My mom has been an amazing help, coming over every day and making sure I am getting enough rest and helping out with Wesley and the house. We have been slowly settling into our new apartment, which we love by the way. One of these days I will take some pictures of our new place.

On Wednesday we took an outing to the library for story time. I loved the library growing up, and I am excited for Wesley to enjoy reading and learning as well. The librarian who led the story time did an amazing job-- she sang songs with the kids and did finger plays as well, and it was a blast. I think it will have to be a regular outing for the boys! It was a good excuse to get Mommy out of the house as well :o)

We are getting excited for the change in seasons and for the approaching holidays. Due to the fact that I just gave birth, there will be no repeat of the monkey costume sewing of last year (I'm not that crazy). Considering Wesley's obsession with baseball (EVERYTHING is baseball around here. According to Wesley, the only thing that should appear on a television screen should be a baseball game. He also turns everything he can either throw or hit with into a baseball/bat.) I think there will be some kind of baseball theme this year for the boys.

Wesley helped Grandma decorate for Halloween, which meant he either wore the decorations on his head or grouped them together in one spot on the ground. He has a great aesthetic sense already!
He also helped pick horse chestnuts at the park to use in decorations. Anything he can do out of doors is very popular. Did I mention that the mini pumpkin Grandma bought him at the store is also apparently a baseball? Luckily I saved it before it got thrown across the room :o). The kid has a pretty good arm.
Fredrick did his part in all of this by just being sweet and cute and sleeping through the whole thing! What a guy.
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