Sunday, February 17, 2008

Happy 27!!

So, I think I have officially made it to my "late" 20s. I'm okay with that: I still feel like a young 20-something, and to celebrate that joix de vivre, we decided to be adventurous yesterday. I have never been skiing, and Randy has only been once when he was about eight, so we got bundled up and hit the slopes yesterday morning. We went up to Alta, which was highly recommended to me as great for beginners. We planned on taking a lesson, but the crowds in the ski rental shop prevented us from making it on time. Nothing deterred, we purchased our lift ticket, strapped on the skis, and . . . the fun began. Randy started out all brave and just went for it. There was a slope down to where the first lift was, and he just pointed his skis in that direction and off he flew. He did pretty good until he picked up too much speed, and crashed in an effort not to kill some good folks waiting in line. Seeing Randy's fate did nothing for my courage, so I tried baby stepping my way down the slope until I ingloriously fell over, got stuck, and couldn't figure out how to get back on my feet again. Luckily this nice lady helped me and gave me a few tips, and eventually I made it down to where the lift was. We got on, went up the mountain . . . and I so gracefully slid off the lift and straight onto my bum. I was picturing the bunny hill as a gentle slope with little bunnies hopping gracefully and playing in the snow. Well . . . I'm sure it looks that way to people who have skied forever, but to me it looked pretty darn scary. We followed the signs for "easiest" and just went for it. Long story short, the first fun took us FOREVER, and I made a lot of people on the lift above me laugh. But we made it down, and we went right back up for another crack at it. The second time I actually did pretty good, and stayed up on my skiis a good 80% of the time. I was actually more fearless than Randy, and it shows this morning in the array of bruises all over my body. But it was so much fun that we are planning on going back in a few weeks when my parents visit. Mom and Dad Weatherspoon couldn't make it for my birthday at the last minute . . . the flu bug hit my mom with full vengence. It was disappointing because I was looking forward to having them here for a long weekend of fun and really good food, but I felt more sorry for my mom who sounds completely miserable. Get well Soon!!!!!! Here are a few pictures from our adventure.

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