Monday, February 18, 2008

So Much Love

I may be a little biased, but I firmly believe that I have the sweetest husband in the world. He knew that I was a little sad that my parents couldn't make it for my birthday, so he tried really hard to make my day extra special. To start it all off, he gave me an amazing present: this beautiful three-strand pearl necklace from the jewelry shop we work at (thank you employee discount). They scream Audrey Hepburn/Jackie-O, and Randy fell in love with them on me. The pampering didn't stop there. We were both REALLY sore from skiing, but he let me lay down for a rest while he made me a special brunch of waffles (yes Ben, with egg substitute they are still vegan) with strawberries and powdered sugar on top. They were so delicious I stuffed two of them down in quick succession. He then let me take a nap (I am just a little out of shape, so the previous days adventure kind of wore me out. Plus I think naps are a wonderful luxury) and he got everything ready for my party. Any of you who know Randy well know that cooking Mac and Cheese on his own is an accomplishment. And if you know me, you know that I grew up never cooking out of a box, and I really love home cooked food. Well my darling, wonderful husband refused to cook me a cake out of a box--instead I found him a simple chocolate cake recipe out of one of my cook books, and he spent a couple of hours making me my birthday cake. I really appreciated this thoughtful act especially since I knew what a struggle it was for him. And he really did a wonderful job. It looked a little funny because it didn't have enough time to cool properly before we frosted it, but it tasted really good--vegan and all.

It was really fun having family over to share the cake with us--it has always been a dream of mine to marry into a large family since I come from one so small (being an only child makes for small family reunions). Randy was happy Ethan was there to play a little Super Smash Brothers with him (it isn't my favorite game) and Sydney set up a darling little convenience store in our hall way for us to purchase various toys from. And I was so happy that my cousin Sarise and her husband Boyd could make it--between both our busy schedules it has been hard for us to get together. Thank you everyone for your calls, emails, facebook posts, cards and well wishes. I really had a very happy birthday.
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