Thursday, February 7, 2008

A Johnson Family Staple

I have had a bunch of people ask me for my black bean recipe, so I thought I would post it for anyone who is interested. While I served my Spanish-speaking mission several years ago, I picked up on some "native" recipes that I have enjoyed ever since. I have altered most of them to make them a bit healthier (lard isn't the most appetizing ingredient) but I love Hispanic cooking and we end up using these black beans in a variety of ways. I usually grill up a bunch of burritos on the George Foreman and freeze them for quick meals/snacks, the beans go great on taco salads, taco pizza (personal favorite), enchiladas, or as my brilliant and beautiful mom suggested, as filling for vegetarian tamales. So here you go:

2 cups dry black beans
2 bouillon cubes
chili powder
chopped garlic/garlic powder
chipotle seasoning
fresh ground pepper
(You can add any other spices/flavoring you like: green chilies, tomatoes, etc)

Put everything in the slow cooker and add another 4-5 cups of water. Put it on high and let sit for 5-6 hours, or until the beans are tender and delicious. Thanks to those great food storage cans of black beans, this has been a cheap staple for a young married couple who likes to cook/eat!
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